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About Me

Emily Lyon is an award-winning Brooklyn-based director and story editor. Her work shapes stories to have the most impact, particularly focusing on the importance of  language and communication. Feminism, climate change, media ecology, and digital privacy are amongst her key issues.  

She is the Artistic Director of Hedgepig Ensemble, where she leads and curates the Expand the Canon project – a call to action for theaters to include historic women's work as classics, and right the narrative of history.

Emily also works with the Hollywood Climate Summit. In March 2020, she was selected as part of the first U.S. cohort of the Creative Climate Leadership, created by Julie's Bicycle and hosted at Biosphere 2, which engaged a wide range of artists in how to tell powerful climate change stories.

Previous projects include: co-creating the Social Impact Writers Lab with Emmy-winner Adnaan Wasey, gamifying environmental justice as part of the Civilians R&D Group, and creating comedic shorts around the perils of facial recognition.


In response to the 2016 election, she created and produced 
How We Hear, a theatrical piece looking at political debates through US history in search of returning nuance to our divisive conversations. Inspired by Neil Postman and media ecology, she tells stories that interrogate our media systems and cultural narratives/assumptions. 

Emily has been working on classical theatre since 2004, and directed her first Hamlet before she was 21. She has studied at Shakespeare's Globe in London, and worked with the Folger Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and Shakespeare in the Park. She was a recipient of the Drama League Directing Fellowship, at The Old Globe and Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, and a Geva Theatre Directing Fellow, directing As You Like It.

As former Literary Manager of BEDLAM, she created MadLAB: A Reading for Directors which benefited 35 artists, and acted as dramaturg for Kate Hamill's Sense & Sensibilitynow one of the most-produced plays in the country. She now does story editing and dramaturgy work freelance.

She also co-founded Filmic Productions, where she was a key creative and story editor – she wrote award-winning scripts, directed actors, and shaped edits. The company left a legacy at University of Michigan that continues today.


BFA: University of Michigan - summa cum laude. Go Blue!

Emily Lyon Theatre Director
CCL Cohortjpg.jpg

CCL Cohort at Biosphere 2

Emily On Bass.jpg

Playing a little bass for a Hedgepig fundraiser

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