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Watch a few of these!

Now freelance, though previously a co-founder and story director of Filmic Productions, I created diverse pieces such as informational videos, PSAs, ad spots, and narratives. See some below!


(Director, Editor, Producer) 

A comic yet timely piece about the some big underlying issues we don't want to address or acknowledge. 

Written by Emily J. Daly

Mood Music
(Director, Editor, Producer)
A comedic short about connection, technology, and setting the mood. 
Written by Charlotte Ahlin

Michigan Transportation Musical

(Writer) Shown to thousands of incoming students. YouTube comments include:

"So now I'm sitting here in Germany and all I want to do is ride a bus on Michigan campus."

"I have never considered going to this school until I sat and watched this. That was awesome."

Sonnet 69: NYSX Sonnet Project

*Featured at Festival CineFuturo in Brazil!

(Director, editor, producer)

Part of, 

filming all 154 sonnets to be seen and used as teaching tools across the globe. 

Dough Blue

(Writer) This pun-titled video needed to teach any audience – students, parents, staff – about the budget for University of Michigan. Using visuals, metaphors, and, naturally, puns, Dough Blue hopes to pepper in some fun while explaining a complex system.

Erb Institute: Student Story

(Co-Director) I designed a set of interview questions to feature the best part of the students' experience at the Erb Institute to encourage more applicants. (1 of 3 videos)

Promo: The Summoning

*Winner of Best Direction, Best Production at sheNYC
(Director, Producer, Editor) 

Huddle Up: PSA

(Writer/Director) This is the first anti-homophobia PSA to be shown in a college football stadium. (107,501 viewers!) Created in celebration of The Spectrum Center's 40th Anniversary, the video aims to encourage everyone to stand up against bullies. 

Hijab - BRIC's Intimate Eye

(Director) I directed this piece for the stage and advised BRIC's Intimate Eye class how to shoot and pace the story for film. 

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