Watch a few of these!

Sonnet 69 was featured in

Festival CineFuturo in Brazil! 


Directed, edited, and produced
Sonnet #69 for the New York Shakespeare Exchange's Sonnet Project (
A fantastic campaign, they're filming all 154 sonnets for Shakespeare's 450th birthday -- and to seen and used as teaching tools across the globe.

Starring: Vince Gatton
DP: Roddy Hyduk

As co-founder and story director of a successful film production company, I created diverse pieces such as informational videos, PSAs, ad spots, and narratives. See some below!

Michigan Transportation Musical

(Writer) Shown to thousands of incoming students. YouTube comments include:

"So now I'm sitting here in Germany and all I want to do is ride a bus on Michigan campus."

"I have never considered going to this school until I sat and watched this. That was awesome."

#UMSocial: The Staff Meeting

(Writer) A fun meeting of the social media personalities... personified. 

Huddle Up: PSA

(Writer/Director) This is the first anti-homophobia PSA to be shown in a college football stadium. (107,501 viewers!) Created in celebration of The Spectrum Center's 40th Anniversary, the video aims to encourage everyone to stand up against bullies. 

Promo: Measure for Measure

(Writer/Director) Another ad for one of my plays, this politically-charged piece gave a peek into the plot – and a sense of the humor we had.

Dough Blue

(Writer) This pun-titled video needed to teach any audience – students, parents, staff – about the budget for University of Michigan. Using visuals, metaphors, and, naturally, puns, Dough Blue hopes to pepper in some fun while explaining a complex system.

Erb Institute: Student Story

(Co-Director) I designed a set of interview questions to feature the best part of the students' experience at the Erb Institute to encourage more applicants. (1 of 3 videos)


(Writer) A fun meeting of the social media personalities... personified.